Retractable Sail Control System

Easy Installation

EZ-JAX systems are supplied in kit form with all necessary parts for mast control. Easy step-by-step instructions are included, and can be downloaded below. Installation requires: (1) attaching 2 cheek blocks on the mast, usually just below the spreaders; (2) attaching 2 cleats and 2 small eye straps on the mast at boom level; and (3) attaching 3 or 4 eye straps to the boom.

Owner installation usually takes about 4-6 hours. A rigger will typically charge 3-4 hours of labor to install your system.

Tools needed are: tape measure, hammer, center punch, electric drill and bits, pliers, and screwdrivers (plus taps if you elect to use machine screws, or rivet gun if you elect to use rivets).

See our splicing demo here:

Print Instructions Here:


Machine Screw Installation Update

DRILL BIT SIZES: While the preferred bits are the numbered sizes included in the installation instructions, they may not be readily available in your area. It is possible to use the fractional inch sizes shown below, all of which are slightly smaller in diameter than the specified bits. If using fractional bits, you can enlarge the hole by slightly "wobbling" the bit in the hole. Be extremely careful when tapping threads into under sized holes not to overstress the tap. Taps are very brittle and can break off in the hole if too much force is applied. A practice hole in scrap aluminum would be a good idea!

Numbered Bit / Fractional Bit



"I installed your EZ-JAX system three years ago and it was one of the best improvements I have made to my 1985 Hunter 31...E-Z-JAX are the only way to go. Your installation instructions are excellent as is the quality and workmanship."
-Hunter 31, Alan Christensen, White Stone, VA